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The downpour was steady, absorbed through the thick fabric of the coat it crept along the stiff shoulders. Breath coming in regular white clouds from parted lips the tongue slipped through the teeth running swiftly over the cracked skin. A slight squint of the eyes broke them out the constant stare, the water trickling down the forehead it dropped through the lashes forcing the woman to finally blink.
The glass was lightly steamed from the warmth of the bodies. Men and women gathered for evening meals either for business, or pleasure it didn't matter. One couple, in particular, stood out from the throng of people. The waiting staff gliding past in a blur the woman was focused solely on the man wining and dining another woman, the way in which his hand cradled the other woman's, caressing it with his fingers.

A shift in his composure broke up the romantic scene, his back straightening the man twisted in the chair eyes locked instantly with the woman standing in the rain gazing right at him. By the way, the jaw stiffened and the crease formed in his brow it was evident that the man was caught doing something he wasn't supposed too...

"Told you he was having an affair." in a small whisper (y/n) leant into the table with a smug smile, fingers clasping the stem of the wine glass it paused in it's journey from table to mouth when Erwin gave a reprimanding stare, apparently disproving of (y/n)'s enjoyment out of another's pain.

"Do you take pleasure in knowing you were right?" the question came in a flat tone, however (y/n) hadn't missed the sharp edge in it.

Thinking better of taking a sip (y/n) replaced the glass to the table, hands drawn to cross over at the side of the table her mouth formed a pout, gaze levelling with Erwin's.

"I don't take any pleasure from it. There is nothing pleasant about what is going to unfold. However, I was right about the affair matter, and unless I'm wrong on the assumption, you don't know the reason behind why he's here with another woman."

Finally picking up the wine glass (y/n) took a small sip watching the thick brows close their distance when Erwin frowned.

"You don't know whether that man is just a dick who messes around, or whether he's miserable within his relationship and merely found relief in the company of another." fingers tracing the rim of the wine glass (y/n) gave a small shrug when Erwin replied with a blank stare.

Fidgeting in the chair (y/n) glanced at the place the woman had been standing "In all honesty, I wish I had been wrong. It's such a cruel thing to find someone you care about doing the dirty." voice fading a slight cough cleared the throat of it's forming, lump one hand raised (y/n) propped her chin in the open palm, mind drifting.

"It sounds like you're speaking from experience,"

Eyes gliding to Erwin when he spoke (y/n) curled a finger into her slightly parted mouth, the tip of a painted nail brought to her teeth she bit lightly along its edge contemplating how to answer the question. The hand finally dropping (y/n) took the napkin out her lap to place at the edge of the table "We both know I've experienced both sides of that coin." speaking quietly (y/n) finished the contents of the glass, a slight shake of the head given.

"I need to use the bathroom." using the heel to push back the chair (y/n) paused when Erwin's hand fell on her arm.

"I think it's best you wait a moment." motioning with his head to somewhere behind (y/n)'s shoulder she cocked a brow. Throwing a glance over the shoulder (y/n) felt like someone kicked her heart into her throat.

Standing with a petite and beautiful woman latched to his side the man took a few seconds, tearing his gaze from the woman at his side it soon landed on (y/n), surprise at seeing her evident by how his eyes widened. If (y/n) left the table without Erwin's warning, the two would of inevitably run into each other and given recent events it was an encounter (y/n) wished to avoid.

Running the tongue over the teeth (y/n) turned back around to find Erwin watching her doubtfully, a slight droop in the corner of his mouth suggesting a frown. Chewing at the corner of her lips (y/n) wanted to assure Erwin. Instead, a hand flagged down the passing waiter a polite smile flashing when (y/n) raised the empty wine glass.

"Another drink madam?"

"A bottle."


Glimpsing at the door (y/n) felt some relief in finding it empty of the man and his new woman.

"A bottle please." using a cutting tone (y/n) watched the waiter give Erwin a questioning look, the two men equally confused, Erwin eventually nodded in agreement to her request. (y/n) could only guess that it was clear her mood had soured, which made the waiter question whether it was best to let her plough through another bottle of wine.

Biting on the edge of the bottom lip (y/n) picked through the suggestions her mind concocted on how to resume conversation with Erwin. It was close to three years since the split, she should have been long over it, but whenever she saw him, it brought all the emotions rushing back and efficiently it would ruin her mood.

A hand fell over (y/n)'s drawing her attention from the near empty plate in front of her to Erwin "There is no time limit." giving her hand a gentle squeeze he returned to his side of the table when (y/n) frowned.

"What?" falling silent when the waiter returned with the wine bottle she gave small thanks before pouring herself a fresh glass. A sigh sounding from the man seated opposite (y/n) tried to ignore it, she didn't want 'him' to become a topic of conversation, but it seemed Erwin had missed the memo on that subject.

"You were married to him. I understand its probably difficult seeing him still."
taking the bottle away from (y/n)'s reach Erwin examined the label.

"Like you could even unde--" cutting the sentence short (y/n)'s mouth pursed when Erwin deadpanned at her, an awkward laugh bubbling up she took a deep sip from the freshly poured wine.

A hand running through her hair a small apologetic smile turned up the corners of her mouth "Sometimes I forget how we met." talking quietly on the matter Erwin gave a smile of sorts, but it held no happiness, it was painted in melancholy.

"In some ways I wish we hadn't met at all." responding with a tilt of his head Erwin sat straight in the chair, hands resting neatly on the table (y/n) knew that some hurt or insult should have been felt with his comment. Instead, it was received with mutual feeling and understanding "I feel the same."

Waiting beneath the canopy (y/n) slid both hands into the pocket of her coat, the rain was still falling in a steady rhythm bringing with it a chill she buried her chin in the fur collar for a little extra warmth. Frowning when fingers tapped against a sharp edge in the pocket (y/n)'s hand drew out a thin slip of paper, rotating the square in her fingers she eventually pried open the sealed edge, heart missing a beat on reading the single sentence scrawled in the familiar handwriting.

"Shall we get a taxi?"

The question stole (y/n)'s attention from the paper to where Erwin was now stood at her side. Eyes probing her pale complexion he went to speak but instead found a slip of paper thrust at him "What's this?" taking it slowly Erwin waited for (y/n) to answer, but it seemed whatever was on the paper took her ability to speak.

Flipping the paper over Erwin read the single sentence, a thoughtful hum following when the paper was returned to (y/n) "What do you want to do?" the nervous rumble in his own voice caught Erwin off guard.

Taking the paper (y/n) scrunched it within the palm of a shaking hand, jaw fixed to hold in the words that wanted to snipe from her tongue she felt nothing but confusion. It should have been an easy question to answer when Erwin asked what she wanted to do about the contents of the note, it should have been a simple answer.

However (y/n) found herself debating on what to do. Giving a quick shake of the head a smile wobbled across her mouth, the note flicked out her hand it landed in the nearest puddle. The words scrawled across the small slip bleeding and staining the once white sheet with a deep and almost ominous black.

"I'm not going to do anything," sliding a hand into Erwin's she gave a gentle squeeze "Other than getting that taxi. Peep toes are not the best shoes for this weather." with a light-hearted joke to break the tension (y/n) felt relieved when Erwin bent to press a kiss to her forehead.

"I told you it would rain." stating his prior suggestion in regards to her choice of footwear (y/n) gave a roll of the eyes "Alright alright. You were right, I was wrong. Now, taxi." waving a hand to the taxi rank across the road from the restaurant Erwin gave a quick nod "We're going to have to run." taking the first step he adjusted the grip on (y/n)'s hand before taking off at a quick pace.

(y/n) close at his side they left the safety of the canopy and ran out into the heavy downpour, heads bowed against the rain it allowed (y/n) to gaze once more at the note. The ink was smudged, the letters almost unreadable but (y/n) knew what was on that small piece of paper...

I still love you
It was just meant to be a dinner date...

Thank you for reading & I hope you enjoy! 
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