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Twenty-two long years they'd been at each others side.

"I didn't lose it."

Not a day went by without a visit, a text or call.

"Well, it didn't grow legs did it?"

Having shared everything from day one.

"Captain Obvious strikes again."

With one exception...

"Oh oh, pulling out the sarcasm now, are we?

Or possibly two...

Pinching the bridge of his nose Levi exhaled deeply, a glance spared for the blonde sat opposite him his hand fell into his lap "This must be a new record?" speaking flatly Levi tipped his head back against the chair.

Erwin responded with a glance at his watch "Two hours and counting." 

A door slamming drew the two males attention to the stretch of the corridor behind them, a woman minus a shoe stropped through the room, following close on her heels a man with a face like thunder.

"You useless sack of shit!"
(y/n) hissed kicking off her remaining shoe it was in her hand within seconds pointing threateningly in Eren's face he sneered back at her "I told you not to take it off."

(y/n) was clearly not impressed at this response, arm pulled back she steadied the shoe in her hand.

Eren's brow twitched warily "Don't even think about it."

A taunting smile danced across (y/n)'s face, her hand shifting an inch Eren withdrew a few paces falling into a stance that suggested he was ready to duck or run at any moment.

"Or what?" responding with the clear intention of egging Eren on, luring him into giving (y/n) a reason to throw the shoe.

Eren being as he was, did not know when to back down "I'll tell Erwin about the Spai-"

"Waaah! No!" in a moment of panic the shoe was catapulted out of (y/n)'s hand, clocking Eren square in the face and effectively silencing him.

Sharing a tired sigh Levi and Erwin clarified this as an end to the sibling's argument.

Their only annoyance was the 'Spain incident' was still something fogged in mystery. Neither Eren or (y/n) having blabbed on the other about it, seemingly finding more use out of threatening each other with it.

"Jesus Christ!" Eren groaned, still sat in the spot he'd fallen a hand rubbed tenderly at his aching forehead, an evil snigger parting (y/n)'s mouth her hand given to aid him back on his feet "I did warn you."

Snatching his arm out of (y/n)'s grasp Eren let out a string of mocking and childish sounds, a roll of her eyes given in return.

"Real mature." poking out her tongue (y/n) appeared to have forgotten how silly her own antics had been seconds earlier.

Unwilling to stay any longer Levi rose from his seat, his small stature stealing the bickering twins attention off each other.

"You leaving?" (y/n) asked a hand not so subtly jabbing Eren's ribs.
"We're leaving." eyes falling on Eren he managed to save (y/n) from a swiping kick, Eren fidgeting uncomfortably, his foot was placed back to the floor.

Giving her brother a shrug (y/n) pulled out a wicked grin "Lunch tomorrow?"

Apparently forgetting their earlier disagreements, Eren smiled in return a swift nod answering "You driving?"

"Of course, I don't want to die."

"One time, it was one time!"
Eren exclaimed a hand raised his index finger flicked out "One time." apparently needing to repeat this Eren soon thrust both his hands into the pockets of his jacket "I'll be in the car." grumbling he gave a slight nod in Erwin's direction before vacating the house.

Following his brooding partner until he disappeared out the door Levi gave a wave in Erwin's direction "I'll see you at work." a polite nod offered as a parting for his sister in law Levi pulled the door closed behind him.

Car keys extracted from his pocket Levi clicked his tongue when Eren slid off the side of the car and hopped in the passenger seat.

Hooking a finger under the heel of the shoe Erwin held it out for (y/n) to take, her bare feet padding over the laminate floor she took it with an apologetic smile.

"Was this what you were looking for?"
a thin silver chain dangled from Erwin's hand, catching in the setting sun creeping through the blinds (y/n)'s hand flew to her neck "Where was it?"

"Where Eren said it would be,"
Erwin answered with a gentle smile edging his mouth.

Their argument had been for nothing.

Turning her back to Erwin prompting him to replace the necklace on her person (y/n) gave a gentle sigh "I'll apologise tomorrow." sweeping her hair out the way a small giggle was brought out when Erwin placed a small kiss on her shoulder.

"About Spain?"

"No!" tone firm and leaving no room for argument (y/n) walked away.

Fingers tapping along the steering wheel Levi looked across at Eren.

"Hows your head?"

Looking around Eren ran a hand over the area, it still felt tender under touch "Sore." he answered slowly with a slight frown "It's going to bruise, isn't it?"

Focusing on the road ahead Levi snorted, his fixed expression falling out of form in that brief second he hid his amusement behind a hand as he swiped it through his hair "Probably."

Throwing himself back against the chair Eren's arms slid over his chest, staring out into the passing traffic Levi caught the sulking expression in the windows reflection "You did ask for it Eren." pointing this out Levi's hand switched from the gear stick to Eren's leg, giving it a gentle squeeze.

"So? Spain?"

"Nice try." Eren pushed off Levi's hand a firm shake of his head given.

Just what had happened on that holiday?
Twins can be each others worst enemy. They can also be thick as thieves.

Thank you for reading & I hope you enjoy!
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